Did you ever think it was possible to sculpt your abs in only 7 minutes a day?  Yes, this is true, the most effective ab machine for a stronger core and defined abs!  This is the next generation of Abdominal fitness because in this fast paced world there is only room for a fast and effective workout like ABXCORE!

Tech Specs
  • Included a sporty Abx Travel Bag
  • Included mobile phone cradle
  • Includes 5 lbs x 4 resistances (up to 20 lbs).
  • Additional resistance springs sold separately
  • Free training app for iPhone and Android
  • GET FIT ANYWHERE: Studies have shown resistance training can be a “fountain of youth,” as it builds bone and muscle, burns fat, and makes you feel better, look younger, and live longer! With the ABXCORE you can now fit fitness into your lifestyle at HOME, OFFICE, or ON THE GO.
  • FASTER RESULTS:  Ab exercises without resistance are a thing of the past!  Our product was designed to be 300% more effective than a traditional crunch!
  • ONE OF A KIND: Only AB device to be used seated or laying down.
  • PROTECT YOUR NECK & BACK: Minimizes risk of injury for beginners & those with physical limitations while using in seated position. Don't let a previous injury keep you from reaching your fitness goals!
  • WE BEAT THE COMPETITION: Up to 1000% more effective than Ab rollers.