Accelerometer feature to differentiate your abs COMING SOON!


Mobile App Features:

  • Workout Programs for All Fitness Levels

  • Training Videos Provide Detailed Instruction for Proper Movement and Muscle Engagement

  • Choose your training mode between video workouts or still images

  • Choose Desired Results (Lean, Tone or Athletic Body Types)

  • Syncs to Your Phone's Calendar for Progress Reports, Workout History and Reminders

  • Turns iPhone or Android into a Mobile Personal Training Partner

  • Option to use "story board mode" (images) or video workout mode

DVD's WHO? - You have your Smartphone with you wherever you go, so now it's easy to workout anywhere with your ABXCORE portable gym device and personal training videos right on your phone. And it's Free!

THE FUTURE - Future App editions will incorporate the accelerometer in Smartphones to measure strength, speed, range of motion and endurance. ABXCORE +TRAINER II will analyze workouts and count reps, sets and resting times. Sign Up For Updates at www.abxcore.com to get advance notice on our Next Gen apps with added features, functionalities and training programs.

The ABXCORE Smartphone Cradle (sold separately) is available for iPhone 4/4S, 5, 6, 7, 8, Plus models, iPhone X and XS.  Also compatible with Android.  Mount your phone right on to your ABXCORE to position your training videos directly in front of you for added freedom and comfort!