What is AbXcore?

ABXCORE is a revolutionary fitness abs workout device, created to help you get a flat stomach and build a stronger core. The Abxcore is super easy to use and it delivers results! Created by an International Fitness Trainer for moms, athletes, people on the go and anyone looking for a fun new way to workout your core and get a great looking mid-section.

Abxcore will engage all your abdominal muscle, isolate muscle groups like the obliques, control and guide your movement, avoiding stress on your back and neck.


It all starts with the CORE and efficiency is an absolute must- that’s why we guarantee muscle activation with each exercise motion. AbXcore targets all abdominal muscle groups, including the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, internal and external obliques, as well as the lower back lumbar muscles.


This is vital for all of us, this is our posture and foundation, regardless of age, sex, or fitness level, and regardless of whether your goal is to lose weight, health maintenance, to tone & define muscles, build endurance, improve strength or achieve more energy for daily activities. ABXCORE’s mission is to offer a workout that effectively improves abdominal strength and definition. 

Adjustable resistance works for all fitness levels and the height and width adjust for your own personalized fit. 

Take It Anywhere – Because it’s compact and weighs only four pounds you can make time for health and fitness wherever you go- outdoors, the office, the fitness club, in your hotel room when traveling, or just anywhere around the house. 


Mobile personal training is built right into the app to workout anywhere your smartphone goes. Don’t just imagine working out at the beach or on a mountain top - do it - with the free ABXCORE+TRAINER app. 



Invented by Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Omar Attalah 

My work as a personal trainer for professional athletes and celebrities has allowed me to devote my life to helping others achieve maximum results with their workouts. As wonderful as this is, it wasn’t enough- I wanted to be able to help more people, many more people. It was this passion and desire that inspired me to develop a way for everyone to have his or her own personal trainer at home and on the go. Everyone is unique and the most important role of a fitness trainer is to help each individual push their limits to reach their own personal goals, while ensuring proper muscle movement to minimize risk of injury. This, combined with workout programs that motivate through real results, is the key to successful training and long-term physical fitness.


Strength training not only tones and conditions the muscles we use every day to stand, walk, lift, and turn; it can actually transform our body composition. By reducing body fat and increasing the proportion of lean muscle in our bodies, strength training can effectively turn up our metabolic thermostat so that we burn calories all of the time, no matter what we are doing. I wanted to make a high quality, portable gym device for people to take with them wherever they go and make it part of their daily routine. With an expert team of designers, researchers, doctors and app developers, we did it!

My wish for you is that you enjoy a life of health & fitness and I would love to hear from you. ABXCORE is here to help you reach your goals! You can do this- I know it!  Sweat – Smile – Repeat!

Omar Attalah
Creator of AbXcore 

ABXCORE Mission Statement

Our Core Values:

1) Do the right thing all of the time.

2) Always under-promise and over-deliver.

3) Take responsibility for outcomes.

4) Be honest and responsive to customer concerns.

5) Treat customers with respect. Do not exaggerate expected results.

6) Program design is based on science and fact and is appropriate for the individual or group.

Within ABXCORE, we consider it our mission to enhance the quality of human life through physical fitness and fundamentally a healthy core. We strive to enhance and improve the overall health and fitness of others through motivation, education, nutrition and guidance.

We are passionate about our service, the quality of our products and excellence in our guidance. We dedicate ourselves to long-term relationships as we commit to improve the quality of your life through a healthier core!

At ABXCORE it more than fitness, it’s a way of life and lifestyle. The ABXCORE family is committed to the health and well being of the mind, body, and spirit through our fundamental and basic beliefs of a healthy core, well-balanced nutrition and an active lifestyle to support a greater quality of life.