How do you use the ABXCORE?

ABXCORE features many different workout positions specially designed to isolate the following muscle groups: the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, internal and external obliques along with the lower back. Due to a specialized locking mechanism, each side can be worked independently, equalizing core strength in all muscle groups.

ABXCORE is compact, lightweight and specially designed to be used in a wide variety of places. You can use it while sitting in a chair in your home or hotel room, lying on a matt at the gym or sitting on the bus on the way to a match. Both men and women will love ABXCORE because of its many guided exercises guaranteed to deliver results, whether your goal is to be lean, to tone & define muscles, build endurance or improve strength.

All these exercises can be done in various type of environments: Chair, bench, mat, half ball and in a sitting or lying position. So many different combinations - you won't get bored!