July 11, 2019 2 min read

The Exclusive CHEATSHEET

Doing what those “gurus” do doesn’t work for your lifestyle and you NEED a permanent change NOW, right?

*Spoiler Alert*

There’s no “magic pill” but there is a tried and true methodology - requiring NO gym and no crazy diet changes - that will finally transform your life for the better.

The only thing you need today, is KNOWING YOU CAN + one more secret!


Here’s the TOP 3 Simple Things You Should Do to Fast-Track Your Weight Loss:

> Master Fat Burning Secret: Regularity

  • Set alarms on your phone RIGHT NOW that tell you: start eating every day at 11am and to STOP eating at 7pm
  • Make sure to fit all your hard solids into this window every day

This magic “jumpstart” will allow your natural internal processes to kick in and start melting your fat and increasing your metabolism

    > White Fat Killer

    • Simple sugarswitches are KEY
    • STOP eatingthe ‘sneaky’ white sugars like white bread, certain alcohols and baked goods
    • Cut them out for 30 days starting today

    Watch the fat melt off your body and a HUGE natural energy boost

      > 15 years Younger Skin Trick

      • Buy yourself a big glass jug and water filtration system (easy to snag on Amazon hereand here)
      • Make sure you drink between 3-5 liters of water every day, spaced throughout the day
      • Bonus trick: add chlorophyl to the water

      This will flush your system out like magic AND reduce those annoying binge-eating cravings


      FOLLOW these 3 Celebrity secrets for the next 30 days starting RIGHT NOW and let us know how you feel!

      The last thing that ties the whole thing together to annihilate belly fat?

      Use your ABXCORE as instructed - for only 7 minutes a day.

      Be prepared to welcome the most beautiful version of yourself, inside and out, back into your life.


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