21 Jul

Shrinking that Post-Baby Belly with the Best Ab and Core Workouts. FAST!

Posted by Omar Attalah

Got a beautiful newborn? Congratulation! 

There is no denying that giving birth is one of the happiest thing that could happen to you as a woman. You get to finally cuddle, kiss and simply enjoy being with the little person that you have carried for 9 months. However, along with this great bundle of joy comes the many responsibilities associated with becoming a parent, and, of course, the side effects of complying with them. For one, the chances of you to get a flat stomach could seem as a distant dream, as you complain about the increasing flabbiness around your major problem areas, particularly your waist and abdomen. You may have looked for ways to remedy this problem. Perhaps, you have considered looking for any ab workout for woman but ended up being dismayed with the complexities that comes with it.

Getting Back to Your Pre-Pregnancy Body and Better 

Gaining weight coming from all areas of your body aside from your pregnant belly is very much acceptable (and necessary) during pregnancy. With the demands of the unborn child taking up a lot of your own natural stores, it is quite normal for you to gain weight from all the eating that you have to do in order to feed the both of you. This can be very evident around your waist area as it is the part where the most changes have occurred.

However, it could become quite challenging for you to do abdominal workouts, shed all this extra flabs and get back to your pre-pregnancy weight after giving birth due to the many things that you have to do. Since you will be dealing a lot with sleepless nights and other motherly duties such as breastfeeding and changing diapers, you might not be able to spare enough energy to do the usual workout routines in order for you to get back a flatter tummy. Fortunately, there is now a new ab core fitness device that can help you in reverting back to your ideal shape. It is called Abxcore.

About the Abxcore.


If you ask anybody about the best ab core workout to tone up your tummy, they would likely respond with curl ups and crunches. Although this might be true in most cases, it can demand so much for a new mother like you. The good thing is that you can choose to make modifications by using the Abxcore workout equipment. It works by allowing you to work your core without having to get on the floor and do workouts. It uses resistance technology so that you can burn as much fats just by sitting down. With its lightweight and adjustable structure, you can have your abs exercise anywhere you are, whenever you want to.

The female abXcore is currently on offer for $124.95. Regular price ($174.95) As well as the bag you also get 4lb resistance metal springs, you can move up to albs and 7 lbs when you get more advanced in your workouts using the device. 

The Abxcore also comes with an app from the company which tracks your progress using the abXcore on your smartphone and gives you step by step how-to instructions. It's a virtual trainer right at your fingertip! You have to check it out. 

Company video here.


Company Website: http://abxcore.com

19 Jul

Want To Slim Down Your Waistline? Check out this Amazing New Abs + Core Device - Clinically Proven

As women, we like to ensure our abdomen is as flat and toned as possible, especially during the summer months when it’s time to hit the beach or pool in our swimwear. 

However, the abdomen is a notoriously difficult place to tone because it doesn’t get worked as regularly as our other muscles such as our legs and arms. For both men and women the mid section is where fat tends to be stored.

Stomach crunches and sit-ups are the obvious answer for toning this stubborn area, but these can get so boring and tie consuming, not to mention the back and neck strain. 

However, a new device has come on the scene that just might be the ab exercise solution we’ve been looking for.

AbXcore is a new ab and overall core fitness device which works your entire core. It was created by international celebrity trainer and inventor, Omar Attalah. 

AbXcore’s website points you to a study carried out by the University of Southern California which states that it is 300% more efficient than an ordinary sit-up and 1000% more effective than an Ab Roller. You hear that right, 10 times! CLICK HERE for full Report. http://abxcore.com

The AbXcore promises to build muscle and core strength as well as slim the waist. It is a device that is very useful for anyone whether they are an athlete wanting to get a six pack or a mom wanting to lose those few stubborn inches from her stomach and gain some definition there, so it works as a very good workout for women as well as men. The core can be also known as your internal girdle, it holds everything together.

How it Works on your abs and core. 

The ab equipment trains the following muscle groups in isolation: the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, internal and external obliques as well as the lower back. This ensures that each muscle group gets an efficient workout. 

The abXcore is a device which consists of two large tubes that you hold between your shoulders and your thighs in a seated position and press at varying points on the device, depending on which muscle group you want to work on for your abdominal workout at the time. 

It is very simple and easy to use. It is easily adjusted for body size, body type and level of fitness. 


It's also portable, it is fairly light and can be carried in a handy bag over the shoulder, like carrying a yoga mat. The bag is included in the price.

On the website the female abXcore is currently on offer for $124.95. As well as the bag you also get 4lb resistance metal springs for when you get more advanced in your workouts using the device. You can also get a male abXcore for the same price with 5lb springs, if your husband, partner or friend wants to get fit with you!

You can also download an app from the company which tracks your progress using the abXcore on your smartphone and gives you step by step how-to instructions. Think of it like a virtual trainer.

More information about the device including details of the research findings and pictures of the device being used can be found at the website